The easiest system for managing advertising content for screens

Manage the content displayed on your screens remotely with ease and clarity, without additional products, or the need for a technical specialist.

نظام إدارة محتوى الشاشات - النيره The easiest system for managing advertising content for screens

Enjoy the system's great features!

Al-Naierh Company’s system for managing advertising content is one of the easiest systems to identify on the screen and upload content

Ease to use  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

Ease to use

The system is easy to use and apply according to your needs without any equipment or prior experience

Remote control  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

Remote control

From anywhere in the world, you can fully control the displayed content, as well as add a screen from anywhere in the world to your system

The cost  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

The cost

Al-Nnaierh Content Management System is characterized by the low cost of managing advertising content because there is no need for any regulation to connect screens

Whatever the type of screen

The system works on most types of screens, whether business screens or individual screens

Whatever the type of screen CMS Alnaierh LTD Co
Display your products clearly! CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

Display your products clearly!

Now with the ease and control of the system, it is easier for you to focus on advertising content, whatever your activity

  • Menu screens, behind the cashier
  • Welcome screens, at entrances and hallways
  • Car order screens, drive-thru

The first CMS with Arabic interfaces 😌

Our system supports Arabic as its first language, and there are also some other advantages such as:

Timing management  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

Timing management

You can fully control the timing of publishing, pausing on screens, and the content to be published

Design flexibility  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co

Design flexibility

The system is characterized by flexibility in design and display, both in the system’s interface and also in the design of the published content

Customization  CMS Alnaierh LTD Co


One of the most important features of the system is customizing what you want to do and publishing it on your screens, and customizing areas and locations for displaying screens

Use screens appropriately

Get the system now for free, and display advertising content in a way to improve the identity of your facility, and increase your sales opportunities!

Use screens appropriately CMS Alnaierh LTD Co
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